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Resident Evil 2 Remake is now the highest selling Resident Evil game in the series

According to the most recent Capcom financial data, Resident Evil 2 remake has officially surpassed Resident Evil 7 as the best-selling Resident Evil game to date. The company’s best-selling games, almost all of which are titles that have come out during the last ten years, are evidence that Capcom has been on an amazing roll lately.

To start, the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2 has sold 12.6 million copies, with 700,000 of those sales occurring in Q1 from April to June of FY 23/24. Resident Evil 5 is still the best-selling game in the franchise, with combined sales of all of its releases including the Gold Edition sitting at 13.9 million units, so it has surpassed Resident Evil 7 as the highest-selling single Resident Evil release to date.

Further, Resident Evil 2 remake is currently Capcom’s third-highest-selling game, behind Monster Hunter Rise (13.2 million units) and Monster Hunter World (19 million units). Resident Evil Village has sold 8.3 million sales,¬†up from 8 million at the beginning of June, and the Resident Evil 3 remake has sold 7.6 million units as of March 31.

The Resident Evil 4 remake, which debuted in March, has recently been reported to have sold more than 5 million copies by Capcom.

But overall, it’s clear from Resident Evil 2’s success that Capcom can both captivate gamers with their frightening and immersive experiences and maintain the franchise’s popularity.

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