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Self-Spreading Malware Can Infect Accounts in Hacked Lobbies for “Call of Duty”

An infectious malware is being spread by hackers via the multiplayer lobby of a 14-year-old Call of Duty game.

Some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players have been affected by the spread of a malicious worm after joining hacked lobbies, according to the community forums on Steam. According to reports, these lobbies can spread the worm to other players using bugs in the game. Hacked players can unintentionally infect other players with the worm in matches.

According to the game’s forums on Steam, people began reporting the problem on June 26. The virus has been discovered on the website VirusTotal. The malware’s existence was confirmed to TechCrunch by an unnamed business insider.

Taking the game offline in response, Activision did not specify what the problem was.

The business tweeted via its @CODUpdates account, “Multiplayer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) on Steam was brought offline while we investigate reports of an issue.”


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