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A CNT datamine leaks unannounced characters for Tekken 8

Owners of the PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S can now participate in the second round of the Tekken 8 Closed Network Test, and a recent datamine of the test has revealed three unreleased characters for Tekken 8 upcoming fighter.

In the Tekken Discord, the leak was discovered by using Cheat Engine, a PC tool that lets players access game files with scripts created by the community. Dataminers have used Cheat Engine to access a list of characters, including some that have not yet been announced, as shown in the screenshot shared on Discord.

Here’s the full list, which contains everyone from the Closed Network Test as well as some notable additions:

Paul Phoenix
Marshall Law
Ling Xiaoyu
Jin Kazama
Bryan Fury
Lars Alexandersson
Claudio Serafino
Nina Williams
Leroy Smith
Kazuya Mishima
Asuka Kazama
Jun Kazama
Raven (Default Type A)
Zafine (Default Type A)
Steve (Default Type A)
Alisa (Default Type A)

Characters from earlier Tekken games such as Alisa, Steve, Shaheen, Raven, Yoshimitsu, and Raven are among the unrevealed characters. This is not too surprising since that they have all been in previous Tekken games, but the list is very unlikely to be the final one since there are still a lot of fighters missing from it.

The list also excludes characters from earlier series, such as Kuma, as well as ones who were hinted at before, including Alex the Velociraptor, as Redditor Trem45 noted in the initial post on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit.

It appears more plausible that the characters on the list that haven’t been revealed yet are just the ones who will be  in the future or have already been tested on this version of the game.

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