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Metroid Dread Has Top Over 3 Million Units

Enric Lvarez, the CEO of MercurySteam, the company that created Metroid Dread, stated in an interview with Gamereactor  that the action-adventure game has now sold more than three million copies worldwide. The CEO of the studio referred to the 2021 game as “One of the best games in the franchise” and shared this updated sales data, confirming the game’s status as the top-selling Metroid game of all time.

In response to answering questions of the development of the game, the CEO of MercurySteam provided some insight into the game’s sales data. He responded to a  2021 Anaitgames report by claiming that a alleged “chaotic” development doesn’t result in something as triumphant as Metroid Dread.

He isn’t entirely wrong though, given that Metroid Dread earned overwhelmingly positive reviews, received nominations for Game of the Year, and quickly became the fastest-selling game in the series in the US, UK, and Japan. Enric Lvarez didn,t give any specifics, but he did reveal that the game has so far sold “3 point something million copies,” which is an increase from its previous official sales figure.

As of May 2022, 2.9 million copies of the action game Metroid Dread had been sold globally, according to the last official sales report. With the success of the game, Metroid Dread also played a part in reviving the Metroid series. Even if earlier games like Metroid: Samus Returns had favorable reviews, they weren’t particularly popular with consumers. But Dread excelled in both areas and brought the action franchise to a new generation of players via the Nintendo Switch.

The success of Metroid Dread also helped 2023’s Metroid Prime Remastered sales. Which, as of March 31st, 2023, had already amassed over a million copies sold globally. Therefore, the series’ future appears bright as a result of this success.

Hopefully with all this success, this means Metroid Prime 4 will have a releases date sometime in the near future.

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