Ally’s thermal problem has been confirmed by Asus, but a fix is on the way

Recently, Asus unveiled the world’s first portable gaming console running Windows. Users can play PC games on the handheld console’s small form factor thanks to its strong processor and graphics card.
However, according to reports, the handheld has some heat problems and is causing some users’ microSD cards to fail.
Asus has finally formally acknowledged the Ally handheld’s thermal problem. According to a report by Digital Trends, Whitson Gordon, an Asus official, confirmed this on Discord. He also disclosed that a patch is being developed by the company, and the problem would be resolved.

It will be resolved by Asus.
It has a drawback despite being one of the few game consoles on the market. It appears that the company has limited the devices’ thermal management in order to control noise levels. Nevertheless, the upcoming fix may result in a rise in the device’s noise level.

According to internal tests and Gordon’s declaration, the SD card reader may malfunction in specific temperature stress conditions.
ROG Ally heat problem: what’s going on
It appears that Ally’s the thermal issue is breaking the device’s MicroSD card. According to the research, Ally’s microSD card slot is situated close to the power delivery VRMs in the hot zone. The thermal problem is increasing the temperature there, which is higher than the certified heat level advised for microSD cards.

But Asus has acknowledged the problem and is working on a solution. The upgrade is anticipated to better synchronize the fan speed, enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency.

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